According to, the global TikTok advertising revenue is set to reach $ 53.95 billion by 2027. This comes shortly after TikTok announced its global advertising revenue of nearly $12 billion in 2022.

The site’s financial analyst, Edith Reads, comments, “Over the years, TikTok has gained massive traction, especially from Gen Z , who value the space it provides for self-expression and interest exploration. Businesses wanting to reach the much younger generation are considering TikTok as their main advertising outlet. The projected results for 2027 only speak volumes of the desire for businesses, small and huge alike, to interact with the new generation and promote their products, potentially bringing more returns.”

Content creator economy worth $250 billion

The content creation economy is a $250 billion market, with much of it still untapped and we are on the cusp of witnessing the most significant digm shift across the UAE and KSA within the MENA creator economy, as countries adopt innovative ways to harness the power of the internet and community building over the next five years, says Fanfix, a platform that provides security and safety of content creators and users.