Instagram’s Notes feature, a space for users to share fleeting thoughts and updates with close friends, is receiving a significant upgrade. The update aims to boost engagement and transform Notes into a more interactive platform for sparking conversations.

One key addition is the introduction of “Notes Prompts. ” These pre-written conversation starters will allow users to pose questions or topics to their friends, directly within a Note. Responses will appear beneath the prompt, threaded together with the profile picture and online status of each participant, fostering a more dynamic exchange.

Another major update involves the long-awaited inclusion of “Likes. ” Similar to how users interact with posts and stories, Notes can now be “double-tapped” or liked with a heart icon. This functionality provides a quick way to acknowledge and express appreciation for a friend’s Note. Users can also track who has liked their Notes, offering a glimpse into which updates resonated most with their circle.

Finally, Notes are gaining the ability to include mentions. By tagging usernames within a Note, users can directly address specific friends or draw their attention to a particular topic. This can be particularly useful for prompting discussions or inviting someone to share their thoughts on a specific matter.

These updates come after Instagram observed a surprisingly high engagement rate, particularly among younger users, with the initial launch of Notes. Teenagers, in particular, were found to be ten times more likely to create Notes compared to the general user base. This trend suggests a strong appetite for a more casual and ephemeral way to connect with friends on the platform.

By incorporating prompts, likes, and mentions, Instagram appears to be strategically transforming Notes into a lightweight social space that complements its existing features. While Notes may not directly compete with the polished content often found on feeds and stories, it offers a more spontaneous and interactive way for users to connect and share their thoughts in real-time.